Tips how to download official online exam key in 2023

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CAT 2022 Answer Codes will be posted by IIM one week after the exam. Response codes for CAT 2022 along with question papers and answer sheets can be downloaded from the official website (eg Answer codes are posted in PDF format and include all questions with correct answers. Students may exercise their rights and object to the CAT 2022 Provisional Answer issued in the first week of December 2022 and a fee of 1200 INR per objection will be charged.

Students can easily calculate their CAT Raw score with the help of official CAT 2022 answer codes. You can calculate the number of correct and incorrect answers and your score by comparing your answer with the displayed answer. 3 points are awarded for every correct answer and 1 point is deducted for every incorrect answer Scores are used to determine your chances of passing IIM and various business institutions Use CAT College Predictor to determine your chances of passing IIM .Based on calculated grades, you can gain admission to IIM and over 500 other MBA/PGDM institutions.

How to download CAT 2022 answer key?
You can download the CAT 2022 Provisional Answer Key along with the CAT 2022 Questionnaire from the CAT official website. Follow the steps below to download your CAT 2022 answer key.

CATT test official website opened
Open the ‘Applicant Login’ tab and enter your CAT registration code and password. Then click Send. Now select the open test box. ‘Click to download candidate answers for CAT’ CAT 2022 Questionnaire with CAT 2022 answer codes displayed on screen.

Procedures for objecting to CAT 2022 answer keys:
Provisions against CAT answer codes were introduced in 2018. Students may challenge any question in the answer code and opposition. Candidates sitting for the CAT 2022 exam have the right to challenge the CAT answer key if the examiner determines the appeal is justified and valid. The appeal fee will be refunded to the applicant, and the revised response code will be released at a later date. Appeal Consideration