5 Important Facts That You Should Know About Malaysia.

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Malaysia is a country full of contrast and surprise. What are the most interesting details of Malaysia’s interest? What’s special and unique about this place? Keep reading and you’ll find all the relevant, funny, and weird facts about Malaysia below!

It’s always Milo time

                         Credit to  The StraitsTimes

Between 1950 and today, Malaysia became the world’s largest user of the popular malt and cocoa drink. The nation also has the biggest factory in Milo in the world.

Through KFC it is sold to kopitiams (coffee shops), McDonald’s to Mamak stalls everywhere.

With Nescafe (aka Neslo), a heap of powdered Milo on top (aka Milo Dinosaur) or a dino on steroids— Milo Godzilla, with extra whipped or ice cream to top it off, you can enjoy it hot or iced.

Duty-free islands

                    Credit to : Goway-Goway Travel

If hedonistic pursuits place large teeth in your travel budget, consider this — the rate of excise duty paid on beer in Malaysia is the second highest in the world.

Luckily, islands such as Langkawi, Tioman, and Labuan are all designated tax-free zones, so you can stock up on quality drinks and smoke.

Government tariffs are also waived for hotels and selected retail goods.

Plants and animals like it here, too!

Malaysia is one of just a handful of countries considered “megadiverse,” said to harbor 20% of the world’s animal species in its rich ecosystems.

This natural biodiversity puts it in the same league as Brazil. In fact, the Amazon rainforest is a baby at 55 million years old compared with Malaysia’s Taman Negara, which has been around for 130 million years and is reputed to be the world’s oldest.

Wild elephants, tigers, and orangutans still roam free — despite dwindling numbers — in reserves and national parks.

The waters around Sipadan are reputed to cover some of the best dive sites in the world, while the largest flower in the world, the rare Rafflesia arnoldii, aka corpse flower, can be found on Malaysian Borneo.

The waters around Sipadan are considered to cover some of the best dive sites in the world, while the largest flower in the world, the uncommon Rafflesia arnoldii, or corpse flower, can be found in Borneo, Malaysia.

The word “bacon” is used loosely

For the third year running, Malaysia ranks among the world’s most Muslim-friendly holiday destinations, according to the Singapore-based Muslim travel consultancy Crescent Ranking.

Connection to halal-compliant food was one of the requirements used for the survey.

This ensures that in most of the hotel’s breakfast buffet lines there are large voids left by pork sausages and bacon.

When the idea of bacon is expanded to rashers made of ham, turkey or beef, you’re going to be perfect. Otherwise, you’re going to have to keep your mania of bacon in check (yes, actually there’s something like that).

In the country, you’ll find pork in Chinese-run restaurants, particularly in destinations like Penang, but overall, pig harvests are slim.

The best char kuay teow is in Penang

Credit to Malay Mail

Penang is widely regarded as the culinary capital of the country, and the char kuay teow is at the top of the food chain.

Why else would diners have to put up with long waits (more than an hour in some cases) and a notorious red-hatted owner known for his surly attitude, folding stir-fried noodles that cost twice what other hawkers charge?

If you feel a little masochistic and/or hungry, any local can lead you to the notorious Lorong Selamat Char Kuay Teow at Kafe Heng Huat.

The island’s numerous hawker centers cater to all kinds of other Chinese, Indian and Malay fares, from Hokkien mee to curry mee and rojak.

Some would even say that the best street food in the world can be served on the island.

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